Manufacturer’s have recently issued new guidelines regarding new installs.  Failure to register your new HVAC system online within 60 days of the install cuts your “Manufacturers warranty” in half.

For example, if your new HVAC system carries a 10 year limited factory parts warranty and a 10 yr. limited factory compressor warranty, and you fail to register the install online within 60 days, then your warranties are reduced to 5 yrs. each.  However, if you “Go with the Flow”, we do this for you as a courtesy.  Within a couple days of installing your new HVAC system we will mail you a hard copy and we keep one on file also.  We do this so we can easily provide you with another copy, if you ever need one for any reason.

Once, a very smart colleague said this to me, “if you want your business to stand out, offer your clients something other similar businesses don’t.”  This is one of those things.

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