Manufacturer’s have recently issued new guidelines regarding new installs.  Failure to register your new HVAC system online within 60 days of the install cuts your “Manufacturers warranty” in half.

For example, if your new HVAC system carries a 10 year limited factory parts warranty and a 10 yr. limited factory compressor warranty, and you fail to register the install online within 60 days, then your warranties are reduced to 5 yrs. each.  However, if you “Go with the Flow”, we do this for you as a courtesy.  Within a couple days of installing your new HVAC system we will mail you a hard copy and we keep one on file also.  We do this so we can easily provide you with another copy, if you ever need one for any reason.

Once, a very smart colleague said this to me, “if you want your business to stand out, offer your clients something other similar businesses don’t.”  This is one of those things.

FPL Savings


We are a FPL independent participating contractor, so when you “Go with the Flow”, your new HVAC system may qualify for money saving FPL rebates!!!

FPL also recommends that you have routine maintenance services performed on your HVAC system.  You can opt to do this before the cooling season and before the heating season. Don’t forget to check out our maintenance agreements  for money saving discounts!!!

Time to Replace your HVAC System


Residential HVAC operating costs can be 70%-75% of your power bill.  An old, inefficient system can cost over twice as much to operate as the newer, more efficient systems, even if working at 100% of it’s original designed efficiency.  The fact is that nothing lasts forever, but even if it could, after so many years of drastically higher power bills, the excess amount paid could be as much, or more than the cost of a new system.  Not to mention money paid in expensive repairs.  In today’s economy, we must stretch our dollars and make responsible choices.  Replacing that old, worn out system with a new high efficiency model is the economical solution to save energy while enjoying worry-free comfort.

Brian K. Crosby is the owner and licensed contractor of Airflow Mechanical, Inc. and is on-site for all installations so you can always feel completely confident when you choose to contact us to schedule your free estimate.  “Go with the Flow” for a superior system and installation at a very reasonable price.

HVAC Mistakes


  • Closing vents to avoid heating/cooling certain rooms –This throws system balance off and proves to be more expensive rather than less expensive.
  • Neglecting to have preventative maintenance services performed-This keeps your system running efficiently and keeps repair costs in check by allowing us to take care of small problems as they arise.
  • Neglecting to change filters often enough-This causes air restrictions and allows dirt and debris to get past filter into the coil.
  • Neglecting duct inspections- Ducts can grow mold and cause asthma type conditions due to nold spores infiltrating the home through fresh airflow from ducts and vents.  Your ducts also need to be resealed at the joints periodically.

Why Airflow

The average satisfaction rate on installation services is 55%-75%.  Some businesses’ satisfaction rate can be as low as 35%.  Airflow Mechanical,Inc. has a installation satisfaction rate of 95%-98%.   This is a testimony to how a smaller more elite business that focuses primarily on residential  existing homes, and has the licensed contractor on-site for all installations, can perform a higher quality install at a lower than average price.  We also make ourselves available all year around for quality repairs and preventative maintenance services.  We are not bogged down with new construction or commercial work.  This allows us to be readily available to handle your HVAC needs and solutions for your home.